The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
— Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2010
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All hospital inpatients in England and Wales should be assessed for their risk of venous thromboembolism on admission, according to new NICE guidelines. Shona Kirk finds out how clinical pharmacists can aid implementation of these guidelines.
Last month, the British Oncology Pharmacy Association published a set of standards for clinical pharmacist checking of anticancer medicine prescriptions. In this article, Steve Williamson describes the background to the development of the standards and what they mean for clinical pharmacists.
Dyloject (Therabel Pharma) is the first ready-to-use intravenous solution of diclofenac sodium to be licensed in the UK. In this article, the North Central London Formulary and Medicines Management Group looks at the evidence for its efficacy in post-operative pain. By Anthony Grosso and Pritesh Bodalia.
Prescriber’s Corner describes situations encountered by pharmacist prescribers and invites you to consider clinical decisions about the patient. In this case, you are working in the chemotherapy unit of a hospital, prescribing supportive therapy to a patient on her first course of chemotherapy. By Andrew Husband, Adam Todd and Steve Williamson.
Innovative ways to modernise pharmacy careers were discussed at the official opening of the pharmacy ‘clinical skills suite’ at the University of Bradford last month. Shona Kirk reports.
Sandra Allan is a specialist cardiac pharmacist at The Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She performs electrical cardioversion on patients with atrial fibrillation and flutter. This article describes her unique clinical role. By Shona Kirk.
A specialist cardiac pharmacist has been running an arrhythmia clinic in The Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust since 2007. This article describes the impact of the clinic on patient waiting lists and the time taken to optimise treatment regimens. By Sandra Allan and Neil Marcus.
Environmental factors in the dispensary can affect staff performance in a number of ways. This article describes an audit undertaken to assess the impact of increased workload on the time taken to carry out the final check of prescriptions in a paediatric hospital, and the processes used to check it. By Anthony Sinclair, David Terry, Marie Slimm and John Marriott.
This month saw the results of the elections to the new national pharmacy boards. But if the elected candidates are to be seen as true leaders, far greater support is required from the wider profession, says Philip Brown.