The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
— Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2010
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Roflumilast (Daxas; Nycomed), a new ‘first in class’ treatment for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease associated with bronchitis, is expected to be approved in June, ready for launch later this year. Ewan Maule describes the clinical evidence for its use.
Grazax (ALK-Abellό) is a form of sublingual immunotherapy that is licensed for the treatment of seasonal grass pollen-induced rhinitis and conjunctivitis. In this article, the North Central London Formulary and Medicines Management Group looks at the evidence for its efficacy and cost-effectiveness. By Anthony Grosso, Pritesh Bodalia and Michael Scott.
Prescriber’s Corner describes situations encountered by pharmacist prescribers and invites you to consider clinical decisions about the patient. In this case, you are advising on the treatment of a patient with infective exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. By Sarah Chandler, Jessica Clemerson, Douglas Bairstow and Andrew Husband.
Rising to the challenge of increasing quality and productivity while reducing costs will be vital in the months and years to come. Pippa Roberts explains how this can be achieved.
Paul Wade is a consultant pharmacist in infectious diseases. This article highlights some of the key issues he faces in his role and describes some of the current and future challenges involved in the management of patients with infections. By Shona Kirk.
A clinical pharmacist was introduced to the pre-operative assessment clinic in Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, last year. Aine Liggett and Paula Crawford describe how this has reduced medicines-related incidents on admission to hospital, leading to improved patient safety.
Comparisons of use and therefore expenditure on medicines in hospitals could become increasingly important as the drive for efficiency saving in the NHS gains momentum. A recent one-day conference in Birmingham explored the issues involved and described some of the projects already undertaken in this field. By Christine Clark.
A number of ways to improve medication safety were showcased at this year’s ‘Reducing medication errors’ conference in Manchester, hosted by Healthcare Events. Shona Kirk reports.
The future of our profession lies in finding a niche that we can make our own. This requires redefinition of our role and a well-defined research programme, says Philip Brown.