The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
— Volume 1, Issue 3, March 2009
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This month the Department of Health announced that five ‘super trusts’ have achieved Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) status. Sonia Davies examines the implications for pharmacy.
Prasugrel (Efient), a new oral antiplatelet from Eli Lilly, is expected to be launched next month. Sotiris Antoniou examines the evidence for its use and discusses its likely place in clinical practice.
Agomelatine was approved this month for the treatment of depression. Stephen Bleakley describes its mode of action and its likely place in therapy once launched.
Digoxin toxicity is uncommon but can be fatal. It may be mistaken for other conditions, compounded by the fact that toxicity can occur within the therapeutic range. This article uses a case study to highlight the key points that pharmacists should know about digoxin toxicity. By Mojgan Sani.
Petrina Douglas-Hall is the only practising pharmacist working for the Mental Health Act Commission. This article describes her role and outlines some of the changes envisaged when the MHAC becomes part of the Care Quality Commission next month. By Rachel Graham.
Prescriber’s Corner describes situations encountered by pharmacist prescribers and invites you to consider clinical decisions about the patient. In this case, you are addressing hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors in a patient with a long-standing history of knee pain. By Andrew Husband and Jessica Clemerson.
Significant changes are required in the way that pharmacy is promoted through the media. Nina Barnett explains why pharmacists who speak publicly about medicines-related issues should be respected experts in the relevant area of practice.
Early results from a survey of hospital pre-registration trainees indicate that salary is one of the principal reasons for leaving the managed sector once qualified. By Alex Jennings and David Moloney-Grey.
With many newly registered hospital pharmacists ‘voting with their feet’ and joining the ranks of community pharmacists and locums, Dave Thornton examines the latest research and proposes a national solution to a national problem.
The pharmaceutical industry needs a strong partnership with the clinical pharmacy profession — even more so with the current shift in R&D emphasis. Philip Brown explains why this requires mutual understanding and respect.