The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
— Volume 1, Issue 7, July/August 2009
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Olanzapine pamoate (ZypAdhera) is a new atypical antipsychotic depot injection expected to be launched early next year.  It may improve compliance, but will require close monitoring for adverse effects. By Stephen Bleakley.
A correction has been published (see BJ Clin Pharm 2009;1:230).
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome is a rare but serious adverse reaction resulting from antipsychotic drug therapy. This article describes the signs and symptoms that pharmacists should look out for and how this poorly understood syndrome should be managed. By Ewan Maule.
Antipsychotic drugs have historically been used for the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, but safety concerns have been highlighted recently. Delia Bishara describes the important points for pharmacists.
Recent NICE guidelines state that bisphosphonates may be considered for the relief of bone pain in prostate cancer. In this article, the North Central London formulary and medicines management group assess the evidence for zoledronic acid for the treatment of skeletal-related events. By Anthony Grosso, Pritesh Bodalia and Michael Scott.
It is becoming increasingly necessary to compare medicines use between hospitals. This article describes how this can be achieved and the potential benefits. By Ron Pate and Ray Fitzpatrick.
NICE comes under frequent criticism and is working hard to improve its processes. Sarah Garner, associate director for research and development, describes what it is like working for NICE and some of the work going on behind the scenes. By Shona Kirk.
Prescriber’s Corner describes situations encountered by pharmacist prescribers and invites you to consider clinical decisions about the patient. In this case, you have been asked to prescribe citalopram for a patient who is taking analgesics for osteoarthritis. By Andrew Husband and John Sherwood.
Patients taking immunomodulatory drugs for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) need close monitoring. This article describes how the addition of a pharmacist to the IBD team has led to an improved service. By Jo Jenkins, Francesca Bredin and Narinder Bhalla.
A new evidence-based, peer-reviewed, web-based antimicrobial guidelines system is receiving over 2,000 hits per month at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Jonathan Sandoe and Philip Howard describe how the process works.
Whether or not voting for the new Royal Charter turns out to be as apathetic as previous Society ballots, the underlying issue is whether the new organisation will raise the professional standing of pharmacy, says Philip Brown.