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Latest articles 

By N Khan and A Cox
BJ Clin Pharm 2014;Jul:1–5
By M Gilchrist, L Moore, Thomas C and Brannigan E
BJ Clin Pharm 2013;Jul:1
By K Thakrar
BJ Clin Pharm 2013;Apr:1–6
By K Jackson
BJ Clin Pharm 2013;Mar:1–4

Tocilizumab monotherapy in methotrexate-intolerant patients
By K Thakrar
BJ Clin Pharm 2012;Nov:e1–5

Buccolam (buccal midazolam) for acute, prolonged epileptic seizures in children: a new treatment option
By A Sutcliffe and R Bhome
BJ Clin Pharm 2012;Sept:e1–4

Introducing Buccolam to the formulary of an NHS trust
By P Fletcher and S Beri
BJ Clin Pharm 2012;Sept:e5–6

Introducing Buccolam into mainstream care – two years on
By S Tomlin
BJ Clin Pharm 2012;Sept:e7–9